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What's coming from Lavish Software

Post by Lax » Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:44 am

I just figured I'd take a little bit of time to officially announce some new stuff that's on it's way.

First and foremost, I would like to introduce Cerberus, WinEQ 2's successor. Cerberus is currently in development and is not likely to pass the alpha testing stage -- that's pre-beta, for those of you who don't know Greek :) -- for a few months. Cerberus is going to be based on our Inner Space core, which itself is actually the successor to WinEQ 2, and will essentially be a stripped Inner Space with plenty of ease of use features to make it idiot proof, and a lot more like WinEQ than Inner Space is. Fury will be discontinued (and we apologize for its decrepit state) and merged into Cerberus. All of this means a lot of fun things for our users, here's just a couple:
* Cerberus will have a fully functional in-game user interface, making it easier to configure each session
* The out-of-game configuration will also be easier to use. In fact, all of the UI including the configuration systems can be modded through XML
* Picture-in-Picture will support any number of picture windows, not limited to 1 (a la WinEQ 2)
* Tiling and other window behaviors/presets can be fully customized, not limited to enforcing an entire set of rules (with WinEQ 2, presets make it difficult to set individual characteristics)
* Support for additional games comes without having to load a separate plugin for each, and in most cases is done by users, simply by clicking "Add Game". It's designed to work for all Direct3D9 games, not just a handful!
* Support for alternative input devices, including joysticks, gamepads, G15 keyboard G keys, etc -- I've played World of Warcraft with my XBox 360 controller by mapping it through Inner Space, for example, and this would also work in Cerberus
WinEQ users would probably be delighted to know that instabilities with certain games are actually solved in Cerberus. Some of the problems are due to design flaws in WinEQ 2 that were corrected in the development of Inner Space.

Finally, I would like to mention to developers that we are working on a new virtual machine to be used in Inner Space and related products (such as Cerberus). This virtual machine will open the door for new opportunities through Inner Space, including development of closed source scripts, languages other than LavishScript (though this would require a compiler to be developed for such languages) including our intermediate language, and so on.

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