WinEQ 2.14 Released

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WinEQ 2.14 Released

Post by Lax » Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:28 pm

After a brief false start a week ago, WinEQ 2.14 is now officially released.

The highlight of this new version of WinEQ 2 is expanded tiling support. As described in the release notes:
* Expanded Tiling support. The scale factor, previously always 0.5 (half of the screen in each direction, meaning an *area* of 1/4 of the screen), can now be set per profile based on foreground or background. By default, the scale factor is now 0.6 for foreground sessions, and 0.5 for background.
This new feature has several benefits for users who use the tiling features of WinEQ 2. First, it provides an easy way to see which tile is active, by allowing the active tile to be sized differently than all other tiles. Second, it provides greater visibility for the active tile. Third, it allows greater customization of the size of all tiles, such that they do not necessarily need to take up a full quarter of the screen. Background tiles could be set much smaller, and would still be permanently anchored to each corner of the screen.

For those tile users who wish to have things "back the way they were", simply set the scale factor for foreground tiles to 0.5.

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