Some recent bugginess with WinEQ 2 fixed

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Some recent bugginess with WinEQ 2 fixed

Post by Lax » Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:14 am

When we did the last WinEQ 2 patch, we also patched a fix for a long-standing problem in our authentication system that connected multiple consecutive times to retrieve consecutive data, instead of connecting once. This was fine for a long time, but some of our users had problems using multiple computers at once, which is not against our account sharing policy as long as they are in the same physical location. Anyway, that particular problem was fixed by making it connect once for that consecutive data, instead of many times.

However, this fix turned up another bug in the system that caused new sessions opened to act as Gaming Tools Lite subscribers (for our Gaming Tools Pro members) due to sessions expiring. This problem could be seen by launching WinEQ 2, waiting 15 minutes, and then trying to launch a game session. Others experienced crashes when launching WinEQ 2 sessions.

These problems should be fixed as of tonight, with an updated Lavish.dll. Simply patch your WinEQ 2 to the latest version by closing it down, and then restarting it, and everything should go fine. If you have problems patching, you may wish to download the WinEQ 2 installer and use that again (it will not destroy your old settings).

Please continue to report any problems through the usual support channels. Once again, the forums can be found under the Support link in the upper right corner of the web site.

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