Welcome to the redesigned www.lavishsoft.com

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Welcome to the redesigned www.lavishsoft.com

Post by Lax » Tue Jan 31, 2006 11:16 am

I've been holding out for some front page art, but, well, it's been weeks and I wanted to get the new site up. Besides, my MS Paint art is pretty sweet! ;) There's still some areas under construction, so you might find links that dont lead anywhere for the time being, and some areas the content is a little lackluster (e.g. a few sentences), but we're working on it. I just got sick of looking at the old design.

Not only did the look of the web site improve, but I made some content and navigational changes as well. One of the most important improvements is the integration of the phpBB (our forums) login and session system with the main portion of the web site. Now you can see your subscription end time in the upper right hand corner of the web site, and we can sort of customize the content on the site depending on your subscription level (though login is not required to view most of the site).

A lot of things should be easier to find. Downloads and purchase information found ways to hide from some of our customers, and since those are the two most important things, they are now much more apparent. Likewise, some things are slightly harder to find. Our forums can be found via the Support link, along with information on email, IRC, and references.

We've also slightly changed our terminology for subscription levels. Previously, you were either a Gaming Tools subscriber, or a non-subscriber. We are switching to "Gaming Tools Pro" and "Gaming Tools Lite" subscribers, which are the same things as the old "Gaming Tools subscriber" and "non-subscriber". This should help reduce confusion between registering and subscribing.

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