Inner Space 1.02 Released

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Inner Space 1.02 Released

Post by Lax » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:48 pm

This release of Inner Space is a manifestation of the constant evolution of software. We are continually evaluating and revising the direction we want to carry our products, and we have slightly changed the direction of LavishScript as well as Inner Space.

Until now, LavishScript has been the only script engine officially available to Inner Space. This has two inherent problems. 1) LavishScript is designed to be a command shell, not a replacement for scripting engines like Perl or Lua (command shells spend most of their time interpreting text, whereas most scripting engines will convert text into simpler machine code for fast execution). 2) Everyone who already writes scripts has a favorite or preferred language, and hate the perception that they are forced to use some new language to perform the task they wish to perform.

Inner Space 1.02 adds native support for the implementation of new script engines, to be used natively by Inner Space. Adding a script engine means that existing commands for executing scripts will work for the language (for example, with a Lua engine added, you can run Test.lua the same way you ran Test.iss). Objects already available through LavishScript can also be used by most script engines, because LavishScript objects are simply C/C++ data that can be accessed through an interface.

For an example of implementation of a script engine, ISXLua5 (Lua 5.0.2) is open source and available (to subscribers) on, and can be used to write scripts in Lua.

We are excited about this change in direction, and hope that script developers will take advantage of the new capabilities.

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