Main site downtime & pending WinEQ update

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Main site downtime & pending WinEQ update

Post by Lax » Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:23 pm

After a "brief" 24 hour hiatus, our main server is once again connected. We lost service Wednesday at about 2:45pm, and switched on our backup license server to provide service to customers using current versions of our software. The vast majority of users were unaffected by this outage because of the backup server, but certain things such as web access, account information, technical support, and so on were unavailable during this time. We apologize for this inconvenience and are glad to have things back and running normally.

WinEQ 1 and 2 will be updated to support the changes made to EverQuest 1's mouse cursor handling as soon as possible. A WinEQ 2 update was ready but could not be pushed due to the main server being down, so we will get to that tonight.

Unfortunately this is bad timing as my grandfather died this week and I have to pick relatives up from the airport as soon as I finish this post, and then I have funeral services tomorrow. Please be patient while we work through this, and we'll have things running smoothly again in no time.

It looks like when they hooked us back up today they misconfigured the switch, so we've had high packet loss all day and things have seemed to be pretty slow and unstable. Once again, however, we have kept the backup server running so that use of our software can continue. There IS a patch for WinEQ 2 available and the server IS serving it up correctly, but we're waiting on the datacenter to complete the technical support.

Final Update
As of 11:15am EDT, Friday October 28, 2005, they have fixed the switch configuration at the datacenter and we are back to normal operating capacity. Thank you for your patience during the affected periods. I am right now heading to the mentioned services and will have some family time for the next day or two, but we will be correcting any reported problems with WinEQ and the EQ mouse as soon as possible. The WinEQ 2 patch mostly fixes the problems in the meantime.

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