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Status Update

Post by Lax » Wed Jun 08, 2005 3:18 pm

As we're closing in on summer and most young gamers are out of school, we're getting a lot of people wondering what the latest is around here. So here is the latest on all of our products.

Inner Space
Inner Space is nearing its official release. We were hoping for a mid-May release, but major feature introductions currently being rolled out are pushing this back. Most importantly, the User Interface system (referred to as ISUI) is currently in development. This system brings the "ease of use" factor to Inner Space, and provides easy access to some great things, without leaving your game.

I do get some people asking if there are extensions for specific games, or if I plan to make any. The answer is simply this: I do not, and probably will not provide extensions for specific games -- particularly not MMOs. However, there are extensions developed by users for other games. EverQuest 1, EverQuest 2, and World of Warcraft all have working Inner Space extensions which can currently be used for scripting. See the wiki ( ) for basic information on extensions for those games.

Fury is currently in stable alpha, and has a small but quiet following. Contrary to Inner Space, there are not any publicly available scripts. This is likely due to the people who were already familiar with the scripting language using Inner Space instead. However, Fury is quite capable of doing everything EQWatcher was able to do, and more, through scripting. Fury is currently available only to subscribers, though it will probably be available to non-subscribers as it nears release.

Development on Fury is currently postponed, due to the near-release status of Inner Space, and the fact that Fury is already able to perform quite well. This does not state nor imply that Fury will not be released, just that it is waiting until after Inner Space is released. Keep in mind also that I get far more feedback for Inner Space than our other products, so that is why it gets the most attention.

WinEQ and WinEQ 2 have been stable and relatively unchanged for quite some time now. We actually have no plans to update them other than for maintenance (if something breaks, etc), but after Fury's release, we plan on developing WinEQ 3. WinEQ 3, as mentioned before, will be built on the Inner Space core. It will therefore support many more games (and more efficiently) and be far more user friendly by using the Inner Space in-game UI system, and so on. It will not have the full Inner Space feature set, as it will be somewhat different in purpose.

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