Why use Bitcoins?

We have many reasons to accept and use Bitcoins. Here's a few!

Every day, millions of consumers around the world risk their personal data, and their money, by using Credit or Debit Cards. By design, Credit Cards have a major security flaw -- someone can simply pretend to be you, entering in your credit card and personal information in order to make a purchase with your card. You use these cards at many different merchants, online or offline, and must trust those merchants not to misuse (or misplace) your credit card information or personal information! How many 'major data breaches' with millions of credit cards (ever heard of Target?) will consumers put up with before moving on?! With Bitcoin, this sort of attack is protected against by design!

Additionally, all of those credit card transactions eat a piece of the pie between the consumer and the merchant -- usually between 3 and 6 percent. Visa and Mastercard rake in the dough, and then charge you more fees on top of that; isn't that nice? Because of its peer-to-peer nature, Bitcoin all but eliminates the fee between the consumer and the merchant, making it ideal for merchants around the world to accept this form of payment. More of your money goes to where you want to send it!

Okay, so what exactly is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a relatively new crypto-currency that works like cash instead of credit, based on an open-source, peer-to-peer internet protocol and protected by cryptography (science!). Because of its peer-to-peer nature, it is decentralized and not limited by a specific company or country -- Bitcoins can be used around the world! Bitcoins can be purchased with cash from a variety of sources, including other individuals in your area. They can be also obtained within hours in many countries around the world by visiting your local bank, or from special ATMs (map).

How can I get Bitcoins, in order to pay you with them?

The most common way to get Bitcoins is to sign up at a Bitcoin Exchange web site that can convert your money into Bitcoins. Here's a couple popular exchanges: Coinbase (US) or BitStamp (EU).

If you will be keeping extra Bitcoins, you may find it useful to get a Bitcoin wallet app (which can be on your PC, mobile phone, etc) and transfer the Bitcoins from your web account into your own wallet. This is considered more secure than storing your Bitcoins online, because web sites may be vulnerable to theft or hacks. (Like keeping your money at the bank, and then the bank having your money stolen.)

See Getting Started with Bitcoins for more information and additional links to helpful websites.

But I heard mean things about Bitcoin, can't they be stolen? Don't terrorists use Bitcoins?!

Certainly. If you keep your Bitcoins somewhere unsafe, they can get stolen, just as if someone takes the cash out of your wallet or robs your bank. And anyone, including terrorists, can use Bitcoins, just as they can use cash. However, the majority of Bitcoin users are every day consumers!

The price of a Bitcoin looks so high, how can anyone afford that?

Luckily, you don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin at a time. You can typically get about $15 worth of Bitcoins in order to make a $15 payment in Bitcoins.

I have Bitcoins and I want to pay you, how do I do it?

If you are already the proud owner of enough Bitcoins to make a purchase from Lavish Software, place an order on the Purchase page, and then click the "Pay with Bitcoin" button. The first time you click this button, a Bitcoin address is created for you to send Bitcoins to, and a new 'Pay with Bitcoin' button with a different visual style is provided for you to use to send Bitcoins.