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  • How much does this cost?
    $15 for 90 days, or $50 per year.
    WinEQ 2 and EQPlayNice are also available for free, with a limited feature set.
  • I can't math, how much is that per month?
    Our top scientists have assured us that $15 for 90 days is about $5 per month.
  • Will I be charged again automatically at the end of my susbcription?
    No! Lavish Software Subscriptions are pre-pay and do not need to be cancelled to avoid additional payments.
  • What methods of payment are available?
    We currently accept Credit Cards directly (via Square), and also accept PayPal or Bitcoins. We also offer 10% extra subscription time for a payment in Bitcoins! (No Bitcoins? You can get some to make a payment!)
  • Will my purchase be restricted?
    For personal, non-commercial use, you can use our products on up to 5 PCs (or Virtual Machines) at the same physical location. See our Account Policies.