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* [[LavishScript:Command Files|Command Files]]
* [[LavishScript:Command Files|Command Files]]
* [[LavishScript]]
* [[LavishScript]]

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Scripts are decision-making programs. They can perform a task and stop immediately, or they can continue performing their task indefinitely.

Installing existing scripts

Downloaded Scripts

Downloaded scripts should simply be placed in the application's "Scripts" folder.


Scripts copied from message boards or other sources can be pasted into any text editor (example: Notepad), and saved in the application's "Scripts" folder. Make sure to use the correct file extension as defined by the application (For example, Inner Space uses .iss, and Fury uses .fsc). If using Notepad, you will need to pull down the box that says "Save as type" and change it to "All Files" -- this makes sure the file saves with the correct extension, instead of adding .txt to the end (which Windows may hide from you, depending on your settings!).


Information on configuring and using the script should be found along with the script download. Well-designed scripts will generally opt to have one or more ".conf" files, and/or one or more ".xml" files for configuration, both of which can be edited with any text editor.

Starting a Script

Scripts are started using the RunScript command as follows

  • RunScript MyScript

Stopping a Script

Scripts are stopped using the EndScript command as follows

  • EndScript MyScript


(see Script Development)

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