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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[LavishScript:Data Types|LavishScript Data Types]]
*[[LavishScript:Data Types|Data Types]]
* [[IS:Session#Data_Types|Inner Space Session Data Types]]
*[[IS:Kernel#Data_Types|Kernel Data Types]]
[[Category:Inner Space]]
[[Category:Inner Space]]
[[Category:Inner Space Session]]
[[Category:Inner Space Kernel]]
[[Category:Inner Space Session Data Types]]
[[Category:Inner Space Kernel Data Types]]

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This data type holds information about Inner Space.


  • string Version: Returns the Inner Space version number
  • int Build: Returns the Inner Space build number
  • string ISXDK: Returns the ISXDK version


  • LoadExtension[name]: Loads <name> extension




Load an Extension in a script

  • InnerSpace:LoadExtension[test]
This will load the 'test' extension.

Display the Version Number

  • echo ${InnerSpace.Version}
This will display the Inner Space version number to the console

See Also