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Object Type Vitals
Defined By Inner Space
Inherits none
Reduces To agent
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type void *

Refers to an Agent


  • uint ID: The Agent's ID number, assigned when the Agent is loaded
  • unistring Name: The Name of the Agent
  • bool Started: TRUE if the Agent is Started
  • jsonobject Metadata: Metadata associated with the Agent
  • filepath Directory: If the Agent is in its own directory, this is that directory


  • Start: Starts the Agent. Event handlers will start firing
  • Stop: Stops the Agent. Event handlers will stop firing
  • Remove: Stops and Removes the Agent
  • FireEvent[name]: Fires the event by the specified name. Event handlers are processed in the following order: global, platform, process
  • FireEvent[-reverse,name]: Fires the event by the specified name, in reverse order. This is used, for example, for "onAgentShutdown" to initiate the process shutdown, then platform shutdown, then global shutdown handlers
  • SetEventHandler[type,json]: Where type is one of "global" "platform" or "process", this sets a specified event handler to the given json

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