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Inner Space Alpha Underway

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Post subject: Inner Space Alpha Underway
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Inner Space is currently available to subscribers through a post in the forums. Non-subscribers may be allowed to participate later in beta stages, but we have not made any decisions on Inner Space for non-subscribers just yet. Non-subscribers will most likely be invited later, but not allowed to run extensions or certain other features (again, this is not a final decision and our thoughts may change later). Although the current build is considered "Alpha", it is stable and provides many of the features available in WinEQ, without some of the problems WinEQ has with specific games (for example, EQ1 crashes are not experienced with Inner Space, but IS does not have the game-specific features or a few other things yet).

What is Inner Space?
Inner Space is a customization and automation tool designed for use with a wide range of games. It is designed to replace WinEQ and add a variety of new features, such as the ability to control other game sessions (a simple example would be pressing a key in one session, which presses a key in another session for you). It also adds a new level of customization by separating the features of WinEQ into discrete commands (for example, instead of using a 'preset' which forces your window to a new position at a specific size, you can set keys or use commands to change window characteristics individually or as a set). Many of our customers will also enjoy the automation features, and can use or create custom extensions, though that set of features certainly is not for everyone.

Does Inner Space break the End User Agreement for <game>?
Basic usage of Inner Space is perfectly acceptable according to most agreements, no different from WinEQ. Inner Space itself does not hack into the software to gain an advantage over your peers. However, Inner Space is extensible, and therefore COULD violate such agreements if you were to use a custom extension ("plugin") to do so. Additionally, certain optional features Inner Space includes now and/or in the future may be considered an unfair advantage and against the rules of conduct presented for some games. Because we are adapting to many many games, we may not try to disable specific features for specific games for you, though we will honor reasonable requests from each game's developers. It is up to you not to do such things that would violate the agreement you accept in order to play the game; these things are not forced upon you.

Currently Supported Games
Inner Space is not being limited to MMOs, and as the development completes we will be changing "MMOTools" to "GamingTools". We will be supporting a wide variety of games, as this list may begin to suggest.
* EverQuest
* EverQuest II
* World of Warcraft
* Warcraft III
* Counter-strike: Source
* Half-Life: Source
* Half-Life 2
* Battlefield 1942
* Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
* Rise of Nations
* Lords of EverQuest

As we complete the development of Inner Space, we will be adding many games to this list (including DAOC, which is supported by WinEQ 2.0 but not Inner Space yet). We hope to support at least 15-20 games within the next few weeks.

Here's a (very) brief overview of the features CURRENTLY in Inner Space for all supported games
Display - Inner Space is able to manipulate the graphical display, such as displaying a HUD (Heads Up Display)
Video Capture - Inner Space is able to record video with sound
Window - Inner Space is able to manipulate the window
Input - Inner Space is able to manipulate keyboard and mouse input
Console - Inner Space provides a console that can be used to enter commands. Currently, the key to toggle the console is hardcoded to `, but will be configurable
Inter-Process - Inner Space provides commands to manipulate other Inner Space sessions
Scripting - Inner Space provides scripting functionality that can be used to automate
Custom Extensions - Inner Space provides the ability to use Custom Extensions to extend the existing feature set
Services - Inner Space provides a system for extensions to communicate with other extensions, and for the main program to notify extensions of events as well

Features coming soon:
- Preferences window and other User Interface additions to make it easy to use
- A console window will be added to the main program
- (this is really technical, so skip reading this unless you like that sort of thing) A Login & passworded Secure Shell/Telnet server will be built into the main program. This shell will be a mock-linux shell with the "screen" program. You will be able to access the console of any running session invididually by switching contexts, as well as access to the main program's console.

What can it do for <game>?
We do not provide any game-specific functionality. We also do not condone exploitation of game bugs or changing the mechanics of games in order to gain an advantage over other players. Such forms of cheating will NOT be discussed here, so do not ask for or post things like "speed hacks" or "dupes". However, information retrieval for the purpose of displaying or use in automation we find to be acceptable.
Members of the community are sure to provide extensions for Inner Space for many games.
PostWed Dec 08, 2004 1:19 pm
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