What do we get?

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What do we get?

Post by Blisful » Sun Jul 11, 2004 12:47 pm


I see you have worked very hard on drawing out your revenue plan. My question is in reguard to what service you are offering.

Nowhere on your web page or on your boards have you outlined any time specifications to get patch day patches up and available to those who have subscriptions nor is there any indiaction of how long you plan to continue patching. Weve all see Interface people and other EQ tools people get tired of the game and just let whatever app they have been updating drop to the floor leaving people hanging. Where is the assurance my money is going towards prompt patches etc.?

Ive seen your posts for months now about getting 10k+ hits on patch day at 35$ a person that pretty much sets you up with a full paycheck. So are we going to have patches within an hour or so of the download server patching files?

Hope im not coming off rude, but i am curious what you are offering other than just access to software that you may or may not update regularly.


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Post by Lax » Sun Jul 11, 2004 1:26 pm

I moved the reply and set the announcements so that only admins can reply, to make it easier on my automated news page on the web site.

Anyway, there's no possible way I can guarantee updates after patches within x amount of time. The guarantee you have is that Lavish Software is a business, and will still be around in 5 years. Being as this is now on a subscription level to a business rather than a donation level to me for each patch, you can be assured at least if you subscribe that patch updates are as prompt as possible.

Within an hour of the patch is asking quite a lot, and would be extremely difficult to promise. Within 8 hours is much more likely. EQPlayNice is a product that relies on things in EverQuest staying relatively unchanged in order to be updated immediately. Depending on the EQ patch, and depending on working hours, EQPlayNice may very well be available within one hour of a patch.

Keep in mind that MMOTools subscription is not going to be limited to EverQuest products, and further not limited to products that require updates on patches. Products will be in the development process very soon that are also going to be used for World of Warcraft or EverQuest 2, and even completely unrelated uses, all under the same subscription available now.

Thank you for bringing up the issue, I will make sure to place such policies visibly on the web site and I realize this is a topic of concern about any new company.